Raised on pasture-the way nature intended.

If you’re frustrated with low-quality foods that aren’t very nourishing or satisfying, you’ve come to the right place! 

Five years ago we were struggling to find the kinds of food we wanted to feed our family and heal our bodies. After being inspired by farmers around the country who are returning to the age-old wisdom of raising animals on fresh pasture, we traded in our city life for a new life in the country. Now rarely a meal goes by that we’re not sitting down to plates of the most flavorful and nourishing meats we can imagine.  We feel better than we ever have before. And we’ve learned that your food can be healthy and tasty without stuff like GMOs, hormones, or maintenance antibiotics

Meat and eggs from the store are commonly fed a diet that can cause inflammatory symptoms in your body despite labels such as “all natural,” “free-range,” and “organic.” Not to mention that they are raised very inhumanely, usually in confinement and they never get to step foot outside.

Due to our unique rotational grazing system, our robust, vigorous animals provide the highest level of nutrition you can find anywhere. This is why we pasture-raise our animals. Our methods are beyond organic. 

We believe that real food should not be hard to find and that every community should have access to naturally delicious and healing foods. And we feel privileged to meet individuals, like you, every day who are seeking exceptional food and a healthier life. Take a look around at the site, get to know us, and come see us sometime or send an email so we can get to know you!

See you soon! 

Kenny, Rachael, & Violet 

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