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Shiitake Dusted Pork Roast

Shiitake Dusted Pork Roast FunGuy (Kenny) and I have been eating mushrooms for the last month and have come up with a fun, new way to utilize leftover mushrooms. every heard of shiitake dust? Well, it is what happens when you take shiitakes, dehydrate them and put...

Creamy Crème Brûlée

Creamy Crème Brûlée First of all, let me say that this recipe is tried and true. How does a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel sound? Delicious! We could hardly stop eating this. This can be made with regular milk or coconut milk. We...

About Us

Hi, I’m Rachael (on the left) Violet (in pink) hasn’t figured out how to blog yet. Give it a few more months….

Our farm fresh food tastes amazing compared to fast-food and prepackaged mystery food from the grocery store. Not, only that, it has some amazing health benefits that make me feel younger, full, and full of energy.

I try to make these recipes as simple as possible and as healthy as I can, most days. I’m human and love sugar just as much as the next person. Cooking something “on the fly” these days can be difficult. That is why the crockpot is my side-kick in the kitchen!

Thanks for reading, happy eating!


Rachael, aka Queen Bee, wrangler of goats, herder of pigs, catcher of chickens, cat rescuer, and Mama of 1 human child that I also wrangle/herd/catch & rescue on the regular!!!